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Hello World!

How I found my Love for Travelling

When I was young, I remember travelling in trains going to our native place for summer holidays, the breezy air touching my face and the lush green rice fields passing by. I wondered how it would feel if I were standing in the middle of the fields, soaking  myself in the greenery and taking in the pure unpolluted air…. My thoughts would abruptly change, realising that it’s Travel that makes me feel happy. It brings one closer to nature and touches the soul at a unique personalised spiritual level.

I remember seeing the cattle grazing around, a farmer ploughing the field….the women standing in the water-filled nursery bed, sowing the rice saplings all in perfect rows.

I noticed a scarecrow in the paddy field made on a bamboo stick with a painted clay pot, having a scary face, clothed in an old shirt and torn trousers stuffed with hay. The most interesting thing about the scarecrow was – a crow was chilling out on its head. The train chugs away leaving them behind and I am straining my neck to see through the window till I lose sight.

What I realised as I grew up was-travel opens doors to the love for the unknown. Love for the adventure awaiting you, love for everything new, new places, new people with different cultures.

Travel inspires my need for Freedom. Allowing myself to feel free, going with the flow of new experiences. It is we who inhibit ourselves from opening up to the world. Travel taught me to move on, that nothing is permanent in life. Today becomes yesterday and tomorrow becomes today. It keeps you young at heart and inspires self-discovery.


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